COVID-19 : Business Continuity – Rules-Based Scheduling and Zoom Meetings

Following local COVID-19 safe distancing measures and adhering to capacity limits in your shop, facility or class can be tricky. More so if you’re doing it manually!

Rules-Based Scheduling

FixAppt online scheduling software has all the essential features to let you automatically take and schedule new appointments (or event bookings) in accordance to your local COVID-19 rules. To learn how to configure time and capacity rules for your service bookings, refer to this support article – Services & Appointments.

Take Online Payments

Need to take pre-payments for the service (or event) bookings? Do so easily with one of the built-in payment integrations (we currently support Stripe and PayPal).

Zoom Sessions

Can your service offerings, whether in part or in full, be delivered online? Or what about starting new virtual services to give revenue an added boost? With our built-in Zoom integration, you are just minutes away from turning movement restrictions to your advantage.

Sign in or sign up a (free) Zoom account, and then follow these steps to integrate it with your FixAppt scheduling system. With the integration in place, customers can instantly book your Zoom-enabled services, and the Zoom meeting links will be automatically generated and sent to both the customer and employee(s)!

Get started instantly – sign up for a free account and start using FixAppt to effortlessly manage your operations while keeping your staff and customers COVID-19 safe.

Start taking and managing bookings effortlessly today

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