Replace any Text Automatically on your FixAppt Booking Website

Need to reword or translate system generated texts (such as field labels, form headings) to better reflect your business use-case or to serve a non-English speaking audience? You can do so easily with the “Replace Texts” tool, accessible from your dashboard’s main menu.

Simply input the text or phrase you want to be replaced (eg. Appointment Date) in the “Find” box, and then enter the text or phrase to replace with (eg. Date of Visit). That’s it! Every instance of “Appointment Date” would be automatically replaced with “Date of Visit” across your entire booking website.

And you can add an unlimited number of replacement rules!

Replacement only happens on your frontend booking website (which includes the Employee Portal and Customer Portal). It does not affect your admin dashboard.

The Replace Texts tool is part of the Power Pack addon.

Start taking and managing bookings effortlessly today

✓ No credit card required  ✓ Easy setup
✓ Unlimited employees, services, locations